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Emerging Infrastructure Capital Partners (EICP) provides integrated capital solutions for innovative platform companies in the energy technology, water infrastructure and environmental management sectors to accelerate the rollout of high-yield, long-lived infrastructure assets. Unlike many other investors, we partner with just a handful of the most innovative companies – including development, technology and engineering companies – who have developed a unique approach to solving urgent market needs with the potential to ultimately transform these industries.  In addition to providing our partners with scalable capital structures, we provide hands-on development support and deep industry relationships to maximize returns for our platform company partners and investors.


Energy markets around the world are changing rapidly with new renewable energy resources and advanced energy efficiency technologies poised to revolutionize both the demand and supply sides of the industry. This era of profound change has created enormous opportunities for new distributed energy infrastructure companies with innovative business models to transform the industry with cleaner, more efficient and less costly approaches to meet the growing global demand for energy.


The decline in the supply and quality of water around the world is a major issue facing modern industrialized economies and emerging markets alike. This has created an enormous global opportunity to service the growing needs of municipal, agricultural and industrial customers with new technologies capable of identifying and tapping new sources of water and also rehabilitating existing water resources contaminated through decades of shared use.


The volume of municipal and industrial waste produced each year is increasing exponentially as the world population grows and a new middle class emerges in many developing nations. This waste is becoming increasingly difficult to manage as existing landfills reach capacity, creating a significant global opportunity for innovative recycling and other emerging technologies capable of converting this waste into valuable commodity components, such as fuels and other raw materials for industrial customers.


Billions have been invested in clean infrastructure technologies across the energy technology, water infrastructure and environmental management industries over the past decade, creating many promising solutions capable of transforming these industries by lowering costs, increasing efficiencies and optimizing the use of scarce natural resources. However, these technologies and resulting infrastructure platforms often face enormous barriers due to structural market inefficiencies, lack of focused project development capabilities and a funding gap in capital markets often unable to support emerging companies as they transition from early customer pilots to asset-intensive commercial deployments.

EICP targets these emerging platform companies with an integrated capital approach that combines direct equity investments to help build the foundation necessary for scaling with larger pools of additional capital dedicated to funding the large-scale commercial rollout of assets in a structure that allows EICP and its platform company partners to co-own these assets and share in the cash flows.  By focusing on just a handful of platform companies, EICP helps further break down the barriers for its partners through its deep entrepreneurial expertise, project development support and strong network of global industry relationships.

Please contact us if you are an infrastructure technology, project development or engineering company looking for innovative capital solutions to scale and grow your company.

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